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For over a decade Rev. Jeffries has been using meditation techniques and tools as part of her ministry. Sessions can be tailored to your individual needs or the needs of your group. See below for current class offering.

Meditation for Moms

Become more focused, peaceful and balanced with this introduction to meditation especially tailored to moms.  We’ll discover how to invite peace into our hearts, bodies, and homes by using “active” meditation techniques including chanting, laughing, and guided meditations.  These techniques can be used in just a few minutes – helping you call on calm when you need it most! We’ll also work on clearing blocks and limitations that are keeping us from being the parent we wish to be.  

Group Meditation

Group sessions are offered throughout the year at Rev. Jeffries home studio.  Generally offered in four session groupings, each week we'll explore topics and meditation techniques aimed at helping to increase focus, happiness, and the ability to maintain a sense of calm when we go out into the world.


Rev. Jeffries is also available to speak to your group -- topics can be tailored for you but can usually include an introduction to meditation, the health benefits, and introduction to different techniques.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions with Rev. Jeffries focus on your particular issues and needs.  Using guided meditation, chanting, and breathing techniques you can learn to relax, release issues and blocks, and rejuvenate your spirit.

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